Wednesday, July 13, 2005


To Be or To Be?

One can experience Being, the essence of who we are that is "without form and void," in two ways.

You can simply be.
For example, during what is considered a "heat wave" you are unaffected because climates, temperatures, hot or cold are all concepts of mind and Being is without concepts. Thus, you will be neither hot nor cold.

Or, you can be an experience.
You can choose to be a weather that is cooler, hot, cold or whatever, while remaining detached from the outcome. How? By simply thinking "I am cool breeze," or "I am mild weather" or whatever.

Being can come up with ideas and put these ideas in writing while still remaining detached from the ideas. Thus, it matters not to Being how the ideas are received.

The moment you get attached to what you are being you are trapped in that dream and start to identify yourself as that which you are being. When one is defending an idea, one is identifying Self as the idea.

One way one can stay detached is by going through an experience without judgment.

There are infinite possibilities of being, or one can simply be.

Remember, Being can be anything but Being is no thing.

Being Enocia but not Enocia

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