Saturday, July 09, 2005


There is No Life to Risk

Last night, I watched an episode of the The Rebel Billionaire in which Richard Branson, Chairman of Virgin, leads "16 young entrepreneurs on an epic competition around the world" in a quest to find the best person to help run his company. In last night's episode, the eliminating challenge for two contestants was to pass a baton from one to the other while standing on top of a plane. Actually, one contestant hung upside down on one plane and tried to pass on a baton from another standing on another plane.

My mother and I gasped at the prospect and we wondered why anyone would want to risk his life for a job. I suddenly had a thought: "There is no life to risk." The moment I had that thought I knew it to be the truth.

After the programme, I went to have a bath so I could be in silence. I then had clarity about the notion of "no life to risk." Of course, it makes so much sense.

Richard Branson's quest in the form of the many challenges he puts himself through is based on pretending that the universe is in parts and that all is separate from you. You see danger all around you in the form of rivers, mountains, animals, oceans, forests, the weather, people. This is what gives the impression that one is putting one's life at risk against the odds. The excitement is an illusion. What if you realise there is only One in all? Thus, everything is on your side not against you. It would be pointless getting into a challenge hanging upside down on a plane, standing on top of an air balloon or whatever when you know that you can't fall because your consciousness is one with everything around you. If you know that Mt Everest is you, where is the challenge climbing a mountain that will not let you fall? Richard Branson's challenge becomes pointless. You can't risk a life when everything is on your side.


Trust the One in me to ruin my fun. I think I'll still continue to follow their adventure, you know, pretend their adventures are real. It makes for good television.

In Oneness,

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