Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Straddling Two Dreams

It seems to me there are two main dream realms: cause and causeless.

The first dream realm has a cause, the One being behind all manifestations. The One is the source of all. You can either realise there is only One and let the One live through you, or you can dream yourself apart from the One and be the cause of your own dreams. Whatever you choose, dreams are under the law of cause/effect.

Let's say you're in a dream where you are the cause. Your dreams manifest according to your beliefs. It doesn't matter how nonsensical your beliefs might sound to others, as long as they makes sense to you, it is possible to manifest that dream. You could even be collectively dreaming with others who share your beliefs. Let's say you believe you need to wear shades to protect your eyes from UV rays. You believe you have to eat 5 pieces of fruits a day, have 3 meals, and drink a litre of water a day to be healthy. If you believe these to be real, you will dream the equivalent effect. Most of the human experience is based on beliefs.

You may also believe that there is only One and all is the manifestation of the One. You are still dreaming under the law of like attracts like and whatever you believe is possible of the One is what you experience. You will also experience dreams as evolving where you experience more and more of the One.

And then there is the other causeless dream realm. You realise that though things and people appear to have shapes and sizes, they are all formless. Thus, a dog might look like a dog but don't expect a dog to behave like one in this dream. Expect the unexpected; all things are possible. In this dream the idea of God, Spirit or One is now meaningless for there is no cause. Everything is formless. Everything is without beginning and end. Everything is.

Mary Poppins is a perfect example of one who straddles both cause and causeless dream realms. Though she works as a nanny, she is a nanny like no other because her natural state of being is that of a magical universe where she talks to animals, and extraordinary things happen around her. And yet, she describes herself as "practically perfect in every way." Mary's idea of practicality is not the way one would expect in other dream worlds. I would imagine that for Mary, practicality is an understanding that the world is formless and unconditioned, therefore, practical things like tidying up the kid's bedroom can be achieved by letting the clothes and toys tidy themselves.

I believe most of us are living dreams of cause and relative freedom. The real fun is within the causeless where all things are possible because that's the way things are.

I am just because I am,

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