Thursday, July 07, 2005


Staying Centred

Earlier this morning I accompanied my mother on an errand to her friend's house. We had no idea at the time about the "terror attacks" that had started in London fifteen minutes earlier. I wondered why there were so many people outside the local tube/underground station.

My mother and I got on a bus but we sat on separate seats. At one point on our bus journey, a man came on board and all hell broke loose. The driver refused to move the bus. I had no idea what the fuss was about nor did I care to speculate, I simply realised that "Only One Exists." Love is all there is. The situation was resolved and we continued on our journey.

When we got off the bus I spoke to my mother about constantly realising God's presence. I said the commotion on the bus earlier had given me the perfect opportunity to see reality as it is. My mother said, "Did you hear that idiot on the bus earlier?"

"Yes I heard the man," I said laughing. "But I don't see anyone as an idiot, there is only God."

"How did I know you were going to say that?" my mother laughed. "You see him as God, I still say he was an idiot."

Joking aside, for me life is a continuous process of "praying without ceasing": realising that there is only the One Self in all.

When we arrived at my mother's friend's place, they had the television on. We watched the whole drama of the bomb attacks unfold. Again, it was another opportunity to "pray without ceasing."

I have no interest in getting into a debate about the why and how of the attacks; or finding one group guilty and another innocent. I only care about seeing reality as it is: Only God exists. I also have no concern about how God's presence is made manifest, I just believe and so it is.

I believe staying centred is constantly realising God's presence in all.

In Oneness,

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