Monday, July 11, 2005


The Silent Witness

If you’re lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you I’ll be waiting
Time after time
Time After Time, Cyndi Lauper
The One in all is the Silent Witness. The Silent Witness experiences all states and realities without judgment. When one is being the Silent Witness, one experiences life as blissful.

There is the Dreamer or Thinker that creates experiences through thoughts and beliefs. You know you are living from the Dreamer's perspective when you are analysing your life and trying to read meanings into events. You are either having your own personal dream or collectively dreaming.

The Silent Witness and the Dreamer want the best for you, but the Dreamer's penchant for reading meanings into things can distort one's experience. Only from the perspective of the Silent Witness can one get the full unbiased picture of an event. Only from the Silent Witness is one being the One in all.

I am now going to relate some of my experiences in the last 24 hours as the Silent Witness.

It is the night before. She is trying to recall a theme tune from a television programme she used to watch years back. She has an idea to be at one with the theme tune. She can now hear the song in her head as a sound, but she still can't make the tune out. The theme tune filters through and she recalls the name of the song: On the Inside. She thinks it is a beautiful song. She hums the tune over and over again. She is thinking how great it is that one can be any experience and create or relive that experience.

It is the next morning and she is trying to meditate. A fly buzzes round the room and around her ears. She is trying to ignore the fly. In thought, she asks the fly to go away. The fly is still in the room. She recalls the way she remembered the theme song the night before. She is wondering whether she can use the same technique with the fly. She is thinking she is being a room that has no flies. She opens her eyes and looks round. The fly has disappeared. She wonders where the fly has gone to. She muses that maybe the old woman from the nursery rhyme swallowed the fly. She chuckles to herself.

She has decided to go for a long walk. She can feel it is getting hotter. She thinks herself as cooler weather. She starts walking. As she walks, she can feel cool breeze around her. She is thinking that one can be any experience when one goes deep within. She recalls an article she wrote a while back called Going into the Deep. She is thinking that it is in the "deep" that we are all one.

She continues to walk in silence. She heads for the ladies' toilets. She is staring at her image in the mirror. She wonders why her face is dripping wet. She examines a wet patch in front of her top. She glances at her fingers and she is shocked to find them swollen, nearly twice the size they usually are. She is wondering whether she is having sunstroke without realising it? She has a drink of water and continues on her walk.

She recalls a time in Australia when she had sunstroke. She was outdoors at the time with her boyfriend. Her head was pounding away. She felt so hot she collapsed. Back then she identified herself as her body.

She continues her walk. After a while, she sits under some trees for a few minutes. She is thinking how peculiar it is that she is sweating so much as she doesn't usually perspire. Maybe it is very hot. She can also vaguely feel a headache. She wonders why she still has so much energy though, according to the signs, she should be exhausted. She recalls a quote from the scriptures:

"It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing." (John 6: 63)
She is thinking that it is the Spirit that is moving her body and the Spirit is not affected by climatic conditions.

On her walk she thinks to herself that climates are beliefs that have no reality in Spirit. As Spirit, she feels neither hot nor cold. She notices that the weather has changed and it feels neither hot nor cold. She is wondering whether she is getting attached to hot or cold. What if she wasn't bothered whether it was hot or cold? Maybe it was her attachment to a particular temperature that was making her fingers appear swollen and her body perspire. She decides she doesn't care one way or the other what the weather is doing. She walks for a few hours.

She is on her way home. She is sitting upstairs on a bus. She notices her fingers have returned to normal. There is an Italian couple sitting in front of her. She is thinking how much she loves the Italian language though she can't speak it. She is thinking it would be fun to date an Italian man so she can learn Italian. At the next bus stop she notices a young Italian-looking man at the bus stop. Their eyes meet and he smiles at her. She waves at him and he points at his chest to confirm whether she is waving at him or his friend. She points at both of them. The young man beckons her to get off the bus. She has a thought that she is going to blow him a kiss as the bus moves away, but the bus doesn't move. She wishes the driver would hurry up and drive the bus, but the bus is held at the stop for a few minutes. She is trying to look cool. She pretends she is looking somewhere else while still being aware of the young man's gaze. She looks outside again and sees the Italian guy waving and grinning at her. The bus is about to move. She blows the man and his friend a kiss.

Two stops down the road, there are about 20 Italian tourists waiting to get on the bus. She is thinking the bus is already full and they won't be able to get on but they are all let on. They come upstairs though there are no seats available. Some sit on the stairs while others stand on the top deck. She is thinking that she's now getting the perfect opportunity to enjoy Italian. She chuckles to herself.

She is at a bus stop waiting for another bus. She is checking the computerised timetable to see when the next bus is due to arrive. She wishes the second one will arrive first. The timetable instantly changes and the bus she prefers arrives first. She gets on the bus. After a few minutes the bus engine conks out. The driver turns it on again and drives to the next stop and the engine conks out again. Then the engine is switched back on and at the next stop the engine conks out. This continues for a few minutes. The bus driver stops the bus and reports the engine fault to his superior. She decides she's had enough of this journey and waits for another bus. The other passengers have the same idea. Another bus arrives shortly. She is thinking how ironic it is to be able to manifest the bus you want only to have the bus break down. She makes a vow to herself to never think again unless she has to. Thinking seems to get her into all sorts of mischief.

At home she finds she has a headache. She ignores it knowing that it is the Spirit that quickens her body. The headache disappears.

As you can see from the experience, at any moment, there appears to be two voices: the Silent Witness and the Dreamer. The Dreamer passes judgment and analysis of events while the Silent Witness is simply being without judgment.

Witnessing In Silence,

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