Tuesday, July 26, 2005


The Realm of the Unknown

There is a place I call the realm of the unknown. This is my real home. It is a timeless realm. It is a place where all things are possible; one can think of anything and it is as that's the way it is.

In the unknown realm there is my lion friend I call Roarger who has bright red fur, and has the most beautiful smile. He is always by my side. Majority of my friends are animals with colours and beauty unknown to planet earth.

Here's a thought. Humans are always seeking to love, be loved or express love. In the realm of the unknown if you want love then just call upon your friends whose purpose is to love you. Imagine having ten of your human friends regarding you with so much adoration, admiration, acceptance and appreciation. What does it feel like? Multiply the feeling by infinity and you know what it feels like to be loved by friends at home. Who needs to look outside for love when you already have such dedicated love that is with you forever more.

I'm not saying it's not wonderful to experience love from friends and family in human form, but this love is never perfect. I am free to love others without expecting anything in return knowing I am already loved just the way I want to be loved.

In the realm of the unknown all things are perfect because they are.

In the Unknown,

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