Tuesday, July 26, 2005



Sometimes projections
Can be fun.
When you want to
Feel joy all the time,
You could pretend
There is such a concept
Called time,
And extend the feeling
Over a large area in the
Time/space continuum,
And be joyful
For as long as you like.

Sometimes projections
Can be resourceful.
When you wish your
Last Pound to stretch
To cover unexpected
You could pretend
Your Pound is as vast
As the sky above
And experience the magic
Of automatic increase,
However it appears.

Sometimes projections
Can be sad.
When you wish to torture
Yourself with memories
Of the past,
And justify why
You can't let go.
You could pretend
The present is an
Extension of the last
So you can wallow and lament
Over old fears and regrets.

Projections are dreams,
But you can make of them
Whatever you will.

Have fun!

In Wonder,

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