Monday, July 18, 2005


Owing and Owning

Within the human realm, you either owe or you own. A lot of the time, in order to own something you have to owe. Both keep you in bondage. When you own something, you are tied to it and the rules of that thing. If it’s a car you have to think about insurance, repairs and how to sell it when you no longer have a use for it or want a different car. If you owe money on it, you have to think about paying the money back.

Owing and owning are two sides of the same coin of humanity.

Owning and owing do not exist in Spirit. As Spirit you own nothing, not even the human body. This is not to say that all things belong to God, for God doesn’t own anything either.

A God that owns something can decide what to do with it when He’s had enough of it. He is the God of the Old Testament in the Bible who can create, sustain it for some time and, if He is not happy with his creation, he can destroy it like in the stories of Noah's ark and Sodom and Gomorrah.

On the other hand, a God that owns nothing is detached from His creation. He lets things be.

That doesn't mean that as Spirit you can't own anything. You do so knowing that the thing serves purpose. For instance, you own some clothes so you have something to wear; you own a car to drive you from A to B; you own a house to live in. And yet you are totally detached from these things as you know they do not define you.

Incidentally, I have read many accounts of people who have had near-death experiences who have been totally detached from their human bodies and their human lives. They've wanted to remain in the other place that is peaceful and free from owing and owning. Seems to me that deep inside we all know that we are free spirits who own and owe nothing.

As I've written elsewhere, you can't change human nature. Owing and owning are part of the human experience and what keeps it going. Understanding of our true nature as free spirits comes when one steps out of the human paradigm.

In Oneness,

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