Friday, July 22, 2005


Our Daily Bread

While I know my nature, my real self, is beyond words, thoughts and ideas, I am also aware of the power of ideas to express oneness. Everything we experience such as animals, nature, humans, and things are ideas. This computer, for instance, is an idea to express love; the chair I'm sitting on is an idea to express love; and my human identity is a idea to express love.

A while back, I read an article in the Independent Newspaper (16 June 2005) about tennis champion Roger Federer who lives the opening lines to Lenny Kravitz's song:

"I wish that I could fly
Into the sky
So very high
Just like a dragonfly" Fly Away, Lenny Kravitz
He went on to become Wimbledon tennis champion for the third time in a row. His peers regard him as a genius. Well...if you can see yourself flying, you're bound to fly in all you do.

One game I like to play is to be the idea of what I would like to experience. For instance, to realise my nature as the formless, I first of all experienced this as an idea in my imagination. I saw myself falling into an abyss. I then realised there was nothing below, nothing substantial that I could grab hold of, and nothing to even fall into. I was the space I was falling into where I was neither floating nor falling. I was in a kind of suspended state. I was the suspended state. This idea represented letting go of all beliefs and being my real self, the One in all.

I have observed that either you see yourself and life as material, which can limit you, or you see yourself and life as ideas that can free you. When an open prison door is seen as material, it is there to keep you captive; but when an open prison door is seen as an idea it is symbolic of freeing you from whatever obstacles you're trying to overcome. So you visualise yourself as a prison door that's wide open and see yourself walking out of the door. You release the idea and observe this idea made manifest in your life.

A butterfly is an idea of transformation and freedom. I see myself as a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis and flying off.

The wind is an idea of boundlessness. I see myself as the wind everywhere and nowhere.

The ocean is an idea of infinity and abundance. I see myself as the ocean.

There are unlimited ideas around us. I believe ideas are our spiritual nourishment that can look after all our material needs. One must always remember that ideas are tools only. While the Self can be any idea He is not the idea.

In Oneness,

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