Monday, July 04, 2005


The One is a Media Junkie

Anyone reading newspapers or watching the news would think we are living in a war zone. This is simply not true. There are infinite demonstrations of love that are not being reported in newspapers. Why is that? Why does the media focus on wars, disasters and poverty? Is this what we expect from our media?

At college, I studied the media as a cultural form. I found the more you analyse the media, the more there is to analyse. You end up becoming an expert at pulling things apart. Is it any wonder why people dissect the media? We are so used to seeing ourselves in parts and as separate from others. Naturally, the media is another aspect that one sees as separate from oneself that one can criticise to death under the guise of cultural analysis. Cultural critics accuse the media of fabrication and suppressing the truth. You can't have it both ways: accuse the media for not promoting oneness on the one hand, while you continue to criticise yourself and others on the other.

Does this mean one should stop reading newspapers or watching television? God forbid!

I believe the purpose of the media is to disseminate ideas of oneness. Oneness means there is only One Love, One Power and One Truth appearing as all. The One inspires people to produce works of art and various media forms to demonstrate the glory of the One.

I have been a vehement critic of the media and only stopped criticising it when I realised that there is only One in all and the One is the media. If the One is the media then the media is me. Thus, as I judge the media, I am judging myself. Now that I can see the media as the One, I can see great ideas of oneness behind media images and cultural forms. Let's take advertising which is one of the ways the media is used. Here are a few adverts which demonstrate our infinite nature.

A while back I saw a billboard advert for the Economist Journal. The ad depicts three glasses. The first is half a glass of beer and underneath it is the word "pessimist." The second glass of beer is also half full with the word "optimist." The third glass is full of beer with the words "The Economist reader." Thus, the Economist reader is a well-rounded and whole individual. The full glass represents the infinite One that is forever whole and perfect.

In another advert for Tropicana Orange juice, the slogan reads: "Nothing added, nothing taken away." Simply put, the One in all is perfection.

Next is a Nissan advert with the slogan: "More Power. Bigger Space. Better Stories." I believe the slogan is symbolic again of our true nature as the Perfect One. To be the One (more power) you have to let go of what you think you know and are (bigger space) so you can have wonderful experiences (better stories).

Finally an advert for Orange Communication. The slogan reads: "Ignore the one who says less is more, for he is a baboon." The slogan is saying stop thinking of yourself as "only human" or as separate from others; know who you are as the Infinite One.

Whether you are influenced to buy the product is neither here nor there. But behind the appearances are eternal ideas of the presence of the One Love, One Power and One Wisdom that is all in all. Thus, we see the media is being used for what it was designed for: to promote the One.

The media is a reflection of society. What you think of yourself is how you will use the media or read the media. I realise there is only One and the One has no opposition. The One is the media and the media is me. I see grander ideas unfolding in the media that will demonstrate oneness. I for one plan to continue using the Internet to disseminate oneness and use the media to connect with all.

I love the media.
I am a media junkie and proud of it.

All my love,

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