Friday, July 08, 2005


Nothing Can Separate Us from the One

"For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." (Romans 8: 38-39)
I believe there is only One Self in all. Given there is only the One, it means many beliefs we hold about life are figments of the imagination. In the interest of freewill, however, everyone is free to dream what they like; just like I am free to reject the dreams and only focus on the One. Here are a few examples.

You need to go to certain places to commune with the One.
There is only One, thus, the One is omnipresent. Why would one need to go anywhere to find the One. The One is right where you are. Everywhere is sacred and holy.

You believe some food are good and others are bad? You even class some water as good and others as bad.
The omnipresent One is present in all food and drink. I trust in the One, therefore, I am free to drink all types of water: bottled and tap, and I even drink water from public toilets as the need arises. While I have my preference of food, I know I can eat anything. There's no need for me to bless my food or water as it is already blessed in God's presence.

You need to fast so you can purify yourself.
The One is present in all. The One is empty of all concepts, He is Purity. Thus, my body is the One and it is purity.

You need to do physical exercises to keep yourself fit.
But the One is my body and the One moves the body. When I go for a walk it is the One taking the walk thus the need for exercise or fitness does not arise.

You are supposed to be scared of wild animals because they carry diseases and likely to attack you.
But the One is in all animals. Why would the One attack Himself?

You consider humans to be good and evil.
You believe people, events and things have power over you.
There is only one Self that is appearing as all humans. To believe there is another is to believe that the One can divide Himself. The One is indivisible.

The One has no concept of right or wrong; good or evil, He simply is.

To think of someone or thing as having power over you is to believe there are two powers. You are either dreaming there are two powers or there is only One Power, not both.

Nothing can separate us from the One but you can separate yourself by dreaming you are separate. You then get to live out your dream as long as you sustain it. In the meantime, the real you is in eternal bliss being the One.

In Oneness,

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