Saturday, July 23, 2005


Man and Ideas

Man is not material and has never been material.

Man is an idea to express the One. Put another way, the One expresses Self as ideas and man is one such idea. Thus, man, nature, animals, birds, the planets, moons, stars, suns, galaxies, etc are all ideas.

The One expresses Self as an idea but the One is not the idea, for that would attempt to define the indefinable.

Light, not the one that creates shadows but the Light that knows no darkness, is an idea. Light is a useful idea to express the One's nature that is without form, void of concepts, thoughts and feelings, perfection, boundlessness, and infinity. It is useful for one to see oneself as Light. However, Light is not the One but an idea of the One.

Like Light, man is an independent idea expressing the One's nature. Love is another independent idea that expresses the One's nature as are Beauty, Joy, Wisdom, Peace etc. Ideas are simply ideas of the One but not the One.

An idea can become self-conscious and realise that it is an idea expressing the One. Man can realise he is being an idea but his real nature is the formless One. Man who realises his real nature pays no attention to what is happening in the human realm which he recognises as having no reality in the One. Remember that ideas are expressions of the One's nature as empty and void of all concepts; while the human experience is made up of beliefs, dogmas and rituals. Man as an idea has only one focus - being the One. He knows only ideas of the One and what is not an idea has no reality.

Are ideas reality?

The One is reality. Ideas are expressions of the One but not the One. Therefore, ideas are not reality.

Man is an idea of the One.

In Oneness,

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