Friday, July 01, 2005


Knowing is Letting Things Happen

There is an old parable about a centipede, but I'll let someone else tell the story.

The centipede was dancing and doing his thing with not a care in the world one day when an onlooker, observing the coordinated movement of all the feet, asked "How do you do that?” to which the centipede puzzled for a moment and then replied “Easy.” But then he stopped and puzzled some more, trying to sort out all the steps in his brain. The onlookers eventually left the centipede to puzzle to himself, and the centipede never danced again Source.
Reminds me of the few times I've taken Salsa lessons. While we were being taught, I had problems following the steps. It was all too much trying to remember my left from my right and move my legs at the same time; I couldn't keep up with the instructor or my dance partner. The moment the music came on and we were left to get on with it, I became the music and the dance steps and did it effortlessly. I discovered then that I don't do dance lessons, I prefer to dance.

Now knowing is realising that there is only one Self in all that is perfection. Knowing is like the centipede "doing his thing with not a care in the world." You don't worry about how things happen, you just know that the one Self in all is unfolding the universe perfectly. I mean, how many people puzzle over how their dreams appear while they are asleep? They might analyse the dreams but no one tries to figure out how they happen. In the same respect, the moment you try to figure how the Self does what He does, you're like the poor centipede trying to sort out his moves, or me trying to learn salsa.

Knowing is trusting the One to be.

Dancing to the music, I am

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