Thursday, July 21, 2005


The Key to the Kingdom

You are on a quest to find the key to the "kingdom" aka the secret to having your heart's desires. After you have been travelling for 1000 circular time, as measured in the Land that Time Forgot, you discover a vital clue. The secret of achieving the desires of your heart lies in your thoughts and the power of intention. This cheers you up no end. You can achieve anything you want through thought.

After another 1000 circular time, nothing much has changed. What's going on?

We leave the adventurer on her quest. We shall return to her in a few circular moments.

I have been thinking about whether we do get everything we want. If our thoughts create then this must mean that we should experience everything we think about. But that doesn't always happen, does it? You could argue that your thoughts get stuck in another realm and it is taking time to manifest. I believe the universe has designed it so that not all thoughts manifest. Think of how many times you have thought of killing someone in jest or when you've been angry. If all thoughts were acted upon, well, the human experiment would be a bigger disaster than it is now. I believe the universe has put some safe-guards in place to keep Her mysteries well hidden only to be unveiled to those who are ready.

Here are a few ideas which are not to be taken as gospel.

One reason why we cannot create everything in this human realm is because most people are too indecisive. Thoughts need intention, a driving force behind them to be made manifest. Intention is one-pointed determination. If your inner state is like the British weather that is always changing, you find yourself in different thought states: angry one minute and sad the next; happy one moment and depressed the next. If you are on an emotional "roller-coaster ride," nothing is going to happen as there is a lack of intention. Your thoughts either fizzle out or they exist in a state of limbo.

Let me put it another way by using a simple analogy. You have decided to go for a long walk in the park. In front of you are several paths but you can't decide which path to take. The irony is indecisiveness is also a decision. You're going nowhere fast.

If thoughts are going to instantly manifest, they are going to need consistency, a power that drives them. Wavering thoughts have little or no power. However, when two or more people put their focus on something, they are more likely to have more success at manifesting because of the power behind the thought.

Another reason why we can't create everything through thought in this realm is because of the conflicted nature of humanity. We start off being simple-minded then we are socialised into making life complicated. Maybe we think life would be staid if everything was too simple. We pride ourselves, for example, in being able to argue different points of views, don't we? We have inherited the Hegelian method of evolving knowledge. If you have ever written essays in academia, at least in the west, you have used the Hegelian method to some extent: you propose a thesis, contrast it with an antithesis, and reach a reconciliation or synthesis. The synthesis then serves as the new thesis and so the upward spiral continues. The irony is that while humanity is busy developing his intellectual muscles arguing different points of views, he is further dividing his mind into complex parts. Humanity has become adept at pulling things apart for argument sake.

Let's take a breather.

A student and a baby are given an essay title as follows:
"A mother's milk is good for babies. Discuss."

The student argues that a mother's milk is both good and bad. To support his argument, he brings in theories from medicine, sociology, anthropology, biology, psychology, and women's studies. He then puts forward an ingenious idea how mothers' milk can be improved.

The student's essay is given a First.

Baby's essay, as dictated to his mother, is as follows: "Goo goo, ga, ga, da da da."

Baby not only fails, his lecturer advises him to leave college and have some life experiences, but he could return in 17 years time. Poor baby!

OK, let's continue...

Deep inside we all know we are one in spirit. We are all seeking peace of mind, well-being, happiness and fulfilment in our personal lives and ways to achieve unity. Some of us look for answers within religion or spirituality. Though their approaches differ, every religion has a belief in a supreme being called God, Buddha, Self, Allah etc. Alas, how can there be oneness of mind when that mind is prone to contradictions? Even when there is a compromise, it is always going to be a tenuous one, for a synthesis will naturally give rise to a new thesis, all in the name of evolution.

How can one avoid a conflicted mind? You could conclude that either:

1. All knowledge is true; or
2. All knowledge is false.

If you consider all knowledge to be true, you end up selecting what you find useful. Even then, you are still living life in parts. If you consider all knowledge to be false, you might want to create your own idea of knowledge. Then again, you end up in your own corner and the rest of the world in another - more division.

What if you were to reject all knowledge? You now have nothing to hold on to; nothing to agree with, nothing to defend against. Nothing. You have now "entered" the domain of the unknown.

Imagine a state without beliefs and concepts, a place of nothing. You are finally experiencing what it is to be the One for there is nothing to oppose the One. You are now experiencing what is true Power. Whatever thought or intent that emerges from that space has to manifest for there is nothing to oppose it.

You realise that the realm of the One, Power and infinite possibility is the real you. The hidden mysteries are now revealed to you. You also realise that you are the key to the kingdom. The key is letting go of the known and being the real you where you have nothing and own nothing. You now see thoughts as tools only to support you in the game of life which you must use well.

Let us return to the adventurer on her quest. Shall I share this secret with her or shall I let her continue on her quest for another 1000 circular time?


Sorry I can't decide.

I'm in a split mind about this.


I still can't decide.

I am only human. Hehehe.

In Oneness,

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