Saturday, July 16, 2005


I Still Love You

Rain falling down
Another minute passes by
I wait for you
But this time I won't cry
Where are you now
Are you with another love
It's not the first time
You stood me up and let me down

I, I I'm wondering why
I still love you
Je ne sais pas pourquoi
I still want you
Je ne sais pas pourquoi (Je ne sais pas pourquoi, Kylie Minogue)
In last night's episode of Ally McBeal, Glenn and Jenny, who used to be a couple but are dating other people, realise they are still in love. They decide to give their relationship another go.

In my last relationship, after we broke up I knew I still loved him. Even now I still love him. Why do I still love him? Is it natural to still love someone you are no longer having a relationship with, even when that someone is now married to another?

As humans, we fall in love, we can still be in love, or we fall out of love. But to love someone for no reason is utter madness.

I still love you.

But wait. What has the word "still" got to do with love? Isn't love that eternal bond that we share between us, the bridge that links us, the One in all? Whether I am with someone in a physical relationship or I'm apart, we are the One being.

Do I still love you? Of course. I only need to be still and know that I am the One being in you and in me.

I am being Enocia but not Enocia

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