Wednesday, July 20, 2005


How to Avoid Being Programmed

When I first got involved on the spiritual path, I was fascinated by the use of thought-forms to effect change. I also had a lot of fun creating thought-forms. For instance, a few years ago, I took an energy healing course at someone's house. At one point the owner of the house, who was clairvoyant, said she could sense negative energy and she didn't know what to do about it. Naturally, I shared her truth as I was operating in that paradigm. Without telling her, I decided to do something. Did I command the entities to return to the abyss? Hell no! Did I delete the thought-forms? Nope. I called upon the thought-form called joy to pervade the room, then I detached from the experience. The whole atmosphere changed. I found myself more giggly than usual, much to our teacher's chagrin. The owner of the house commented on how much "lighter" the room felt. It was then I confessed that I had brought in joy.

When I have been in areas that have felt "heavy" I haven't tried to change the people involved but I have evoked joy, peace or love and watched the atmosphere transform accordingly.

There were many moments though when the thought-forms have backfired on me. Once I was in a library that was very noisy. I evoked peace and the people speaking immediately left. The only snag was I was so peaceful I fell asleep.

The art of evoking a quality into an environment is going on all the time but most of us are not aware of this. For instance, many of us think we have our own ideas and living our own lives but this simply isn't true. I have lost count of how many times I have been thinking of something or had a particular experience only to watch a television programme that same evening and find the same theme. Is it oneness of mind? It's more to do with being a puppet of infinite ideas. Ideas influence you to think and act in a particular way in the same way evoking joy in a room can influence people to be joyful, as they understand joy.

If one can influence another's behaviour simply by planting thought-forms in an environment, do we really have freewill? Isn't freewill about making a choice to have certain experiences. How many people are aware of how thoughts on a subliminal level are influencing their behaviour?

How do you avoid being programmed?

Many spiritual teachers suggest that you trust in God, surrender to God's will and let Him guide you to all truth. How do I know there is a God or that God is not another human programme by those who want people to behave in a particular way? How can you surrender to an entity who might be another programme?

Two years ago, I spent a couple of months in retreat meditating and contemplating truth. One day I had a thought that I should look at my face in the mirror. A Voice asked me what I saw. I saw my human face. The Voice suggested I go behind my face. In my mind's eye, behind my face were innumerable human and humanoid faces. I looked behind those faces and saw a human-like entity form. I went behind the entity and saw a light structure that looked like a diamond. I thought I had come to the end but the Voice suggested I keep going. I was so in awe of this diamond-light that I couldn't see beyond it. I was convinced there was nothing else.

The next day, the Voice suggested I go through the process again, which I did, until I came to the diamond-light. Then I went beyond the light and saw nothing. There were no concepts, nothing to hold on to, nothing to define, nothing. I realised that nothingness was what I believe to be God, the One in all.

Another time during the retreat I had a vision as myself as this nothingness and all around me where light vortexes. It is possible that these vortexes were representations of beliefs or even universes. Then again, I also take this experience with a pinch of salt as the vortexes could very well be another programme.

Over the years in the search for the ultimate truth I have experienced many teachings which I have documented in Vector8 Journals. I have found that a particular belief or teaching holds you in bondage where you are defending that truth and not open to new ideas. I believe to step out of the many programmes it is too time-consuming trying to deconstruct all beliefs I have held to be true, as there is a lot going on at the subconscious level. I already know that my nature is empty of all concepts, and that emptiness is my ultimate truth. I simply reject all other truths and beliefs including human philosophies, spiritual teachings from gurus, masters, channelled entities, ETs, Akashic Record, religions, everything. I focus only on what I know to be my truth, formlessness.

The rules of the human game have now changed. I have no interest in trying to change others or imposing my ideas, besides there are no ideas to impose. There are no concepts nor rules in formlessness, just formlessness taking on many forms.

I know from experience that one can call upon a state of consciousness like joy or peace and command it to be made manifest and it will appear, though I can't tell you how it does. This experience now forms the basis of how I re-programme my human personality self. I can imagine myself in a joy or love bubble or whatever game I wish to play. One thing's for sure, I am in control of my own programme. I also know that whatever game I choose to play, I am ensconced in the truth of who I am, that I am the formless One playing a game of forms.

Why continue to be programmed? Why not realise your sovereignty and programme yourself so you can play by your rules?

In Formlessness,

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