Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Formlessness, Being Like a Bee and Losing Your Mind

Though I believe that there is only One, even this is a concept. Anything that reduces something to a concept is imposing limits. One has to go beyond the concept of the "One" and see all as formless. What do I mean by formless? I mean despite appearances, there are no forms, values, quantity, quality, or concepts. It all is.

Until very recently I used to experience intermittent pain. I never knew when it would happen or where it would appear. All of a sudden I would be overwhelmed by what felt like pins and needles on my arms, or body or neck or legs. At times they felt like electric shock. Sometimes the pain would make me scratch the spot and I would end up having a rash. After trying many healing techniques, realised myself as Energy, Spirit, ignored it, I came to the conclusion that there was no cause. But it didn't stop me feeling the sensations. A few weeks back there I was sitting in a park enjoying the flowers. Then I heard the Inner Voice (IV). This is how part of the dialogue went.

EJ: The flowers are beautiful, aren't they?

IV: Yes they are.

EJ: Just look at those colours, I sometimes wonder how they all came about. Each flower is unique.

IV: Yes. Tell me, what do you think of when you see anything blue?

EJ: Blue makes me feel peaceful and calm. It also feels cool or cold depending on the blue.

IV: What about the colour orange?

EJ: Hmm, orange evokes warmth, heat, it is comforting.

IV: And the colour red?

EJ: Hot, definitely hot.

IV: What about the colour purple?

EJ: I feel kind of mushy, all gooey inside, I love purple.

And then it dawned on me what this was about. If I think of myself as the Universe and then attribute meanings to different colours, is it any wonder why I get all sorts of pain? I'm constantly bombarded with different colours and textures which mind filters into different sensations and can feel very painful at times.

IV: You have a choice whether to continue seeing colours in a certain way or experience everything as being. Be like a Bee that goes from one flower to another without any attachment.

I spent the rest of my time in the rose garden. I wasn't concerned about why the roses were called a particular name and what the names meant, I simply went from flower to flower enjoying their aroma without attachment. I was being like a bee.

So we have a name for everything. That's fine as it makes communication easier. Imagine trying to describe your life and not having names. There wouldn't be any Internet, emails, snail mails, businesses, schools, university - the game of life would be over. But when you take names seriously this is when you get trapped. For instance, I could say "this chair is hard." It is OK for the chair to be hard as chairs sometimes are hard. But one must go beyond hardness and say "hardness is." This isness is formlessness. Thus, the chair feels hard but hardness is not only what the chair is. When you know a chair is inherently formless, you can stub your foot against one and not feel anything because the texture will become soft so you don't experience injury, or it might even feel empty as if there's nothing there. Formlessness is not a thing that can be defined, it simply is.

This brings me to the subject of mind. We tend to think that when someone is going insane he is losing his mind. I say losing one's mind is the prerequisite for freedom. It is mind that keeps us in bondage. It is mind that lets one identify a thing as this or that. When you don't have a mind, you enter a realm of infinite possibilities. You understand that the universe was never created, that it has no beginning or end, it always shall be. Thus, every day is the formlessness being formless. Here are a few examples of formless being.

We all collectively experience walls as hard. I have hit my head, accidentally, against a brick wall and have felt pain but have reversed the effect by knowing that the wall is formless and the pain has instantly vanished.

We think of our bodies as flesh and bones. My mother tells me hugging me is painful because she thinks I'm bony while she is all flesh. It has become a running joke between us. If you see yourself as flesh and bones then you're subject to the beliefs about flesh and bones that they get injured, bones break, bones can be painful to others, etc. What if you knew your body to be formless i.e. though the body appears as flesh and bone it simply is. The body is now unconditioned and can be whatever the need is at the time. Thus, you have a headache when you think of yourself as having a physical head, but when you have a formless head, there is no pain for pain is a definition of a thing.

Once when I was walking down Oxford Street, someone's elbow jabbed my stomach by accident and yet it felt like nothing happened. Another time when I was getting off a bus, I stood up quickly and hit my head against the roof but it felt like a soft cushion.

Just because someone experiences the world as formless doesn't mean everyone will experience it the same way. Each of us has to experience formlessness for ourselves. Because only a few people experience the world in this way, others who do not understand regard the few as special. There are no chosen people. We are all the same, formless beings. If you want to experience the world as formless know that you and everything is formless. Within the formless realm everything is. Within the formless realm, there are no rules or laws as in cause/effects, it simply is.

When one experiences the world as formless, it takes away fear. I mean why would you fear anything when it is formless? The mountain can look awesome and quite scary when you are on top and you fear that it is a long drop down. But when you know the mountain is formless that can be anything, don't be surprised if the mountain doesn't suddenly grow an arm and picks you up and transports you to the bottom. You think I'm crazy don't you? Well I have no mind, remember?

When perceived through mind a rock is solid, but when you don't have a mind, it could very well be a cat taking a nap.

When perceived through mind a computer looks like it is a machine that can only do what we programme it to do. But when you don't have a mind, it could very well be a big bar of chocolate.

Is there a place for the One in the formless realm? That depends on whether you believe there is a first cause. Things are the way they are because they are, not because there is a cause. Sometimes I may call formlessness the One, Spirit or God but it doesn't mean I am referring to a God of first cause. The truth is, everything is. The One, God, Spirit is everything. Everything is formlessness and formlessness is causeless.

I see the universe as a dream, not the kind of dream that we dream up through our beliefs and definitions, but a shape-shifting dream where all things are possible without thought of the how. You simply have to lose your mind.

Completely Lost It,

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