Thursday, July 28, 2005


The Eternal Now

To me,
You are molten lava
A funnel
Consciousness. Silence is Alive
In the above poem, molten lava is a metaphor to describe my experience of the silence within me. I believe the silence to be the One in all, the timeless realm, the eternal now.

To access the eternal now, I can either be in silence or I can imagine it like in the poem, silence flowing continuously through me. Silence is my "daily bread" transmuting itself into ideas which guide me to take care of my human needs. Or silence can manifest itself as a reality. As my cup of consciousness overflows, silence encapsulates whatever is in consciousness.

Silence pays no attention to what one has done in other moments, or whether one regards oneself as righteous or unrighteous. Silence is impartial; He is constantly pouring into all cups according to their readiness to receive. It's wonderful to know that no matter what your beliefs, you can always let go, as all things are constantly being made new.

But let go you must.

You cannot hold on to the human ways and expect to enjoy the wonder of the eternal now. You have to decide where you put your trust: the known or the unknown.

Let the silence be you even as you are the silence.

In Silence,

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