Thursday, July 07, 2005


Dedication to a Beloved Friend

Since we first met I've been thinking about you.
We've seen each other a few times,
And, though I've wanted you to approach me,
You've scampered off into the unknown.

The last few times I've seen you,
You've heard my thoughts
And stared shyly in my direction.
The other day you even came close,
Curious, shiny eyes, ever hesitant
Then you shot off into the night.

Yesterday as I walked home,
I wished I could see you again.
There you were!
In stillness, I felt
Hesitant barriers melting.
Under the guise of
Inspecting the neighbourhood,
You drew closer.
Silently, I showed you where I lived
Wishing that one day you'll visit.

In my dreams I stroke your hair
While you rest your weary head on my lap
Knowing you are always safe with me,
For you are me and I am you.

Fox or vixen,
I love you dear friend.


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