Friday, July 15, 2005


Collective Dreaming

Two nights ago I had the following dream. I poured myself a red-looking drink into a glass, but I didn't realise I needed to dilute it first. The drink tasted too sweet for my liking. I diluted it with some water and enjoyed the drink.

Last night when I got home, my mother told me she'd bought a bottle of Sarsprilla which she's never had before. I asked her whether she liked it. She said when she first tried it she didn't realise she had to dilute it and it tasted really sweet. Then she diluted it with water and loved it. Mum said I could have some. I did and I still love it.

Looks like my mother and I were collectively dreaming. In this case, I was happy to share dreams. Collective dreaming is fine if you share the same belief. But if you don't you have to be very vigilant otherwise you could get sucked into other people's beliefs.

Yesterday on a bus journey into town, a man sat beside me. He was moaning so much I asked him if he was OK. He said he was hot and sticky and there was no breeze whatsoever.

"Can't you feel the air-conditioning?" I said.
"I can hear it making a lot of noise but there's nothing coming out of it."

Iin my reality I could feel cool breeze around me. I found that when I empathised with him, I felt intense heat but when I listened with detachment, I felt cool breeze around me. When we sat in silence, I felt neither hot nor cold. I could see he was living in a dream universe of heat wave, shared by many. We talked about going to beaches to cool down. He said he liked sandy beaches and he described one he's been to in Yorkshire. I told him about a beach I've been to in Wye called Camber Sands which has tons of sand. The sea goes right in. While I was there with a friend, the tide suddenly came in and I nearly got caught out. My new friend and I spent the rest of our journey discussing different beaches not far away from London.

As you can see, while I didn't share my friend's dream, we still managed to have fun. We were sharing the One Being in both of us.

I choose to be without beliefs, lessons, concepts and dogmas.

I choose to be.

Being Enocia but not Enocia

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