Sunday, July 17, 2005


Co-Creating with the One

Is it possible for humans to co-create with the One in all? Are human made-up rules about good and evil able to make any impact on Perfection? Do me a favour!

Humans who think they are co-creating with God believe they have to do their part while letting God/the One do His part. Why would the Omnipotent One need help from humans? The next thing you'll start to believe is that the One needs humans.

Do you seriously believe human efforts of kindness, love, truth, peace can make any difference whatsoever to the One that is total perfection?


The One does not need humans but humans certainly need the One.

Can humans co-create with the One? Certainly.

By raising your consciousness to the One.
By realising that there is only the One.
By realising that you can do nothing by human efforts, but you can try; humans have been trying for generations.

And then you let the One get on with the job of being.

Now that's co-creation.

In Oneness,

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