Wednesday, June 29, 2005


The Kingdom of Heaven is Now

Imagine a world where everyone is at peace and filled with joy and love. This world is not the manifestation of thoughts we have today which may or may not manifest at some future event. This world is not dependent on collective consciousness reaching a critical mass in order for peace on earth to be made manifest. The world of peace and love exists now in the realisation of oneness, that there is only one Self in all.

A friend told me that once he was practising meditation by a beach and feeling himself as the cosmos, yet he experienced sunburn. My view was that if he'd realised the one Self in all, appearing as the sun, I don't believe he would have experienced sunburn. Love can only love.

Realisation of the One in all is a discipline and one that needs to be constantly practised. When you wake up, acknowledge the one Self in all; on your travels, acknowledge the one Self in all; at work, acknowledge the one Self in all; if you're having a meeting, acknowledge the one Self in all; while you're eating, acknowledge the one Self in all; anything you do, acknowledge the one Self in all. You then trust in the Self that is infinite Perfection to be. How this happens is none of one's concern.

Remember, the one Self in all wants the best for all. Recently I had a fantasy about seeing all the streets in London and all buses clean and tidy. Two weeks later there was a headline in the newspaper saying how the local council are thinking of enforcing charges on people who drop litter. Ooops, that wasn't how I intended my vision. I realise now that I should have surrendered that vision to the one Self in all. After all, the Self in humans is the same Self on the buses, the pavements, open spaces, in everything; I am sure, open spaces want to express perfection.

Speaking of cleaning, I who never used to enjoy hoovering (vacuum cleaning) now find it so effortless, joyful even. I swear all the fluffs are delighted to go into the hoover because we are all working with one intent.

Oneness is such a practical way to live. I mean, when you know that there is only the one Self in all that wants the best for all, why would you worry?

I trust in the One in All.

With love,

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