Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Giving Birth

While I do not have any desire to have children, I believe the stories I produce are my way of giving birth to children.

I explained to a friend yesterday what happens when I am in silence. It is as if the stillness comes to life and I am filled with ideas that need to come forth. Sometimes I have a kind of inner dialogue so I can have a sense of what is seeking expression. The ideas are complete in themselves and there is nothing that can be added to the ideas.

What happens when I don't let go of the ideas? They whizz round and round in my head forcing me to come to a resolution: either I express the ideas in writing as soon as I can or release them into the silence to be expressed another time.

As to why the ideas emerge? Sometimes they arise in response to a question I have but, generally, they emerge spontaneously. It is as if there is a conductor who knows when to release the right ideas at the right moment, for the benefit of all.

During the process of expressing the ideas in writing, I don't think, I just let the ideas flow effortlessly. And when the deed is done, I release my "baby" now fully grown into the world.

Ah, what is this I feel? Oh no, not another baby on the way! Here goes. Push...

All my love,

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